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Where the Warm Winds Blow

Winds14.99 - Add to Cart


"Where The Warm Winds Blow" was selected in Ken Dryden's Top 10 CD releases for Jazzhouse Diaries - 2009

"The warmth of your CD left a lasting impression, something that doesn't happen often enough. "

"Full of marvelous moments that guarantee the pleasure of any jazz fans. A must-have item."
Instrumental CD of the Month - "Mel Martin: Where The Warm Winds Blow"

Rhythm Man
(Do Not Disturb)
Where The Warm Winds Blow
Silly Hawk Walk
I Have A Dream

Where the Warm Winds Blow is quite different from anything I've recorded since before the early '90s and is reminiscent in ways to my early Listen recordings but with much more of a jazz slant. It was recorded in July when the great jazz pianist Don Friedman came out from New York to do a California tour with my group including guitarist Brad Buethe, bassist Robb Fisher and drummer extrordinaire Jeff Marrs. Besides Don, special guests include John Santos on percussion and Barry Finnerty on guitar. The repertoire is broad and varied from the Latin-tinged Rhythm Man (Do Not Disturb) to the contemporary classical piece with a jazz breakout In The Stars by Stephen Melillo, I Have A Dream by the great Herbie Hancock including my adaptation for woodwinds of his original horn arrangement, the funky, Bitches Brew style of Silly Hawk Walk, a beautiful live version of Blue In Green, George Russell's inventive take on Love For Sale: Ezz-Thetic, The great Benny Carter composition Where The Warm Winds Blow, my personal tribute in 6/8 to my lovely wife Catey: To Catey With Love, and the chestnut Victor Young composition Weaver of Dreams. On many of the pieces, I overdubbed special woodwind arrangements appropriate to the particular composition or just featured the sextet and quartet. On Where the Warm Winds Blow, there is a strong compositional connection to all of the pieces represented here. That is not to say that they are all similar. I believe it’s quite the opposite. In fact, this recording may easily be termed eclectic, as no two pieces are alike. But the strength of this recording relies on the qualities of the composers involved. George Russell, Stephen Mellilo, Benny Carter, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Victor Young and yours truly share an esthetic quality that transports the musicians and listeners on a journey. It could be a different journey upon each hearing or it could be a quality that triggers distinct emotional moods and zones that are always welcome. Often, this is done through the elevation by sound of the inner consciousness that brings on a heightened state.

"The song always comes first. But with nothing to prove, Martin puts the emphasis squarely on melody, group dynamics and swinging." - David Becker - San Francisco Examiner

"This is gritty, driving music from a high-octane performer who has been delivering the goods for many years."
Ted Goia -

"Never content to rest on his laurels, Mel brings a wide variety of jazz stylings to this release."
Jeff Krow - Audiophile Audition

"While this CD resists easy classification, it is among the most compelling recordings that Mel Martin has made during his entire career."
Ken Dryden
- Billboard and All Music Guide

"Martin’s a master of phrasing and a meticulous melody maker."
George Fendel - Jazz Society of Oregon

"Beautiful recording. I put it on right away and felt great!!!" Joe Lovano – 2009

"Where The Warm Winds Blow is a strong captivating collection of Jazz!"
Kenneth Martinez Burgmaier - Jazz Alley TV

"Honestly, this new disc is a winner." Linda Yohn- Program Director WEMU-FM

"This new release by multi-reed player Mel Martin is a sonic delight."
Bob Bernotas - Just Jazz Newsletter

Reviews:, Audiophile Audition, Billboard, Jazz Society of Oregon, Just Jazz

1. Rhythm Man (Do Not Disturb)            7:16 *           
Mel Martin – Microtone Music BMI

2. Ezz-Thetic                                                5:07
George Russell

3. In The Stars                                    7:27*
Stephen Mellilo – Storworks (ASCAP)

4. Silly Hawk Walk                                    6:19*
Mel Martin – Microtone Music (BMI)

5. Where The Warm Winds Blow            6:01
Benny Carter – BeeCee Music

6. I Have A Dream                                     10:02*
Herbie Hancock - Hancock Music Company

7. Blue In Green                                    8:51**
Miles Davis, Bill Evans  - Universal

8. To Catey With Love                        5:17
Mel Martin – Microtone Music BMI

9. Weaver of Dreams                                    5:31
Victor Young, John Elliott - Chappell           

Total playing time                                     62:11           
Personnel; Mel Martin – soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute and alto flute
Don Friedman - piano and Fender Rhodes
Brad Buethe – guitar *
Barry Finnerty – guitar**
Robb Fisher – bass
Jeff Marrs – drums
John Santos – congas and percussion

Produced by Mel Martin for Bebop and Beyond
Recording Engineer – Dan Feiszli
Recorded at Bay Records Studios – Berkeley, CA  July 14 & 15, 2008
Blue in Green recorded at Jazz at Pearl’s, San Francisco, CA October 13, 2006


Just Friends14.99 - Add to Cart
Downbeat (****)

People Time

Bay Area saxophonist Mel Martin honors his longtime musical partnership with the late alto saxophonist and composer Benny Carter – and Carter’s birth centennial in August 2007 – with the release of Just Friends, a new CD by the band he co-led with Carter in the 1990s. Martin calls Just Friends “one of the best-sounding live recordings I’ve ever heard.” Recorded at Yoshi’s in Oakland in April 1994, the CD features exceptional support by Roger Kellaway on piano and drummer Harold Jones – frequent Carter accompanists – as well as bassist Jeff Chambers, who shares a long working relationship with Mel. “The arrangements were all spontaneous,” says Martin. “You can hear that we were listening closely to each other, and contributing to the ongoing conversation.” Reviews

Mel Martin - tenor saxophone & flute, Benny Carter - alto saxophone, Roger Kellaway - piano, Jeff Chambers - bass and Harold Jones - drums.

1. Perdido                                            Juan Tizol                         
2. People Time                                    Benny Carter                        
3. Secret Love                                     Webster-Fain            
4. Spritely                                            Mel Martin                        
5. Elegy in Blue                                   Benny Carter                   
6. Just Friends                                    Klemmer-Lewis

Produced by Mel Martin for Bebop and Beyond
Assistant producer for original session - Dr. Herb Wong
Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Marin Arts Council

Recorded live at the original Yoshi’s in Oakland, California April 30, 1994, by Syntropy Audio, recording supervisor - Bud Spangler,
Mixing engineer - Brian Walker, assistant engineer - Robert Berenson

Mel Martin and Bebop and Beyond CD-5006
Friends and Mentors - Bebop and Beyond Plays the Music of Mel Martin

FRIENDS13.99 - Add to Cart

Song for M
For Duke and Mingus


A new recording by Bebop and Beyond featuring all original compositions by leader Mel Martin. It is a return to the original instrunmentation of the band featuring an all New York cast. In the words of Dr. Herb Wong - Mel's saxophone playing uncovers his deep plumbs of the tradition as he enlarges a spread of timbres. His improvisations are fired by infusions of imagination, cloaked with a high sense of urgency. His fluent delivery is garnished with an appealing vibrato and discrete staccato veins. Mel is a product of the fundamental bebop core and recognizes it as the mother language of modern jazz and the most technically challenging music extant. "My goal is to play something different on each occasion with spontaneity" says Mel. "I want to make a new, memorable statement each time." He prizes the concept of expressing ideas coherently and places primacy on tone and phrasing--"People need to feel the sound!" This contributes to the shaping of the chassis of his playing and to the underlining of his composing.


Mel Martin - Tenor and Curved Soprano Saxophones, Bobby Watson - Alto Saxophone , Jack Walrath - Trumpet, Mike Longo - Piano*, George Cables - Piano**, Ray Drummond - Bass, Winard Harper - Drums*, Billy Hart - Drums**

1. Song For M *
2. Music Is (Benny Carter) *
3. Whizbang **
4. For Duke and Mingus **
5. Riding with C **
6. In Walked Diz *
7. Longhorn *
8. From Pops to Bop **
9. Hub-Trane **

Recorded at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY 11/23/99 & 6/4/00
Produced for Bebop and Beyond by Mel Martin

Mel Martin Plays Benny Carter
featuring Benny Carter CD-90412
Mel Plays Benny $12.99 - Add to Cart

Summer Serenade

Band Interview

A mellow recording of Benny Carter's great compositions featuring two all star rhythm sections and an appearance by Benny Carter himself on three tracks recorded live at Yoshi's Nitespot. The remaining tracks were done in Rudy Van Gelder's famous studio featuring the great Kenny Barron on piano. This was Mel Martin's first solo recording project.

Click on Band Interview to hear Mel Martin, Kenny Barron, Rufus Reid and Victor Lewis discuss the music on the recording with Dr. Herb Wong.

Mel Martin - tenor & soprano saxophones, Benny Carter - alto saxophone ,
Kenny Barron - piano, Roger Kellaway - piano, Rufus Reid - bass, Victor Lewis - drums,
Jeff Chambers - bass and Harold Jones - drums

1. A Kiss From You
2. Hello
3. Zanzibar (World premier)
4. When Lights Are Low
5. Summer Serenade
6. Souvenir
7. Another Time, Another Place
8. Wonderland
9. Only Trust Your Heart

Produced by Mel Martin and Dr. Herb Wong for Big Ear Productions
Recorded 1995 at Rudy Van Gelder Studios in New Jersey and Yoshi's in Oakland, CA
Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts

Listen featuring Mel Martin
- IC1025

Listen$18.99 - Add to Cart

The Mosquito Steps Out
Aural Hallucination
A Tribute to Clark Kent Pt.I
Dance for Denica

Originally recorded in 1977, this CD won a Bay Area Grammy and Bammy and received wide airplay and reviews. It was in the line of seminal fusion bands of that era. We called it multidimensional, acoustic fusion music, before "fusion" became commercial and eventually "smooth jazz". Irv Kratka decided late last year to release his acclaimed Inner City line of which this is one. I still get questions and requests about this recording and have even re-recorded some the pieces in a Bebop and Beyond setting.

Mel Martin - curved soprano and tenor saxophones, flute, piccolo
Andy Narell - steel drums and piano
David Dunaway - electric and acoustic bass
George Marsh - drums and percussion
Dave Creamer - guitar
Glen Cronkhite - percussion
Larry Dunlap - Fender Rhodes
Jeff Narell - steel drums
Kenneth Nash - congas, bongos and percussion|
Richard Waters -Waterphones and percussion

1. The Mosquito Steps Out
2. Aural Hallucination
3. A Tribute To Clark Kent, Part 1: Krypton
4. A Tribute To Clark Kent, Part 2: Egroeg
5. Gezpacho Sabroso
6. Dance for Denica
7. At the Mountains Of Madness
8. Jesse's Theme

Listen featuring Mel Martin can be found in various vinyl stores on eBay and CDBaby.


Selected Discography

As Leader

Where the Warm Winds Blow
- The Mel Martin Band featuring Don Friedman - Jazzed Media 1043
Just Friends - The Mel Martin/ Benny Carter Quintet - Jazzedmedia 1025 (Funded in part by The National Endowment for the Arts)
Friends and Mentors - Mel Martin and Bebop and Beyond - Bebop and Beyond Plays the Music of Mel Matin - Quixotic 5006|
Mel Martin Plays Benny Carter -
Mel Martin - Enja-9041 2
w/ Benny Carter
(Funded in part by The National Endowment for the Arts. )
Bebop and Beyond Plays Dizzy Gillespie -
Bluemoon R2 79170
w/ Dizzy Gillespie
(Funded in part by The National Endowment for the Arts)
Bebop and Beyond Plays Thelonious Monk -
Bluemoon R2 79154
W/ Joe Henderson, Howard Johnson
(Funded in part by National Endowment for the Arts)
Bebop and Beyond -
Concord CJ - 244 (Vinyl Only)
w/ John Handy, George Cables
Growing -
Listen featuring Mel Martin - Inner City - IC 1025 (Vinyl Only)
Listen featuring Mel Martin -
Inner - City IC 1055 (Vinyl Only)
She Who Listens -
Mel Martin and Listen - Move Records (Vinyl Only)
Other Side Up -
Mel Martin Duo with Randy VincentCatero Records - CAT 004 (Vinyl Only)

As Sideman

Jazz Celebration - A Tribute to Carl Jefferson - Concord CCD-7005
A Circle of Love - Freddie Cole - Fantasy FCD 9674-2
Always -
Freddie Cole - Fantasy FCD 9670-2
Impressions -
Afro Blue Band - Milestone - MCD 9237-2
Mongo Returns! -
Mongo Santamaria - Milestone MCD 9245-2
Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers -
Milestone MCD9247-2
Azteca (Originally on CBS) - GNP Crescendo GNPD 2237
Pyramid of the Moon -
Azteca - CBS (Vinyl only)
Caravanserai -
Santana - CBS KC 31610
Welcome - Santana - CBS
Rainflowers -
Susan Muscarella - Pacific Arts 135
First Taste of Sin -
Cold Blood - Warner Brothers MS 2074
Boz Scaggs & Band -
CBS C 30796
Moments -
Boz Scaggs - CBS C 30454
Music of El Topo
- Douglas 6

Film and TV Scores
Rumblefish w/ Stewart Copeland - A&M 75021 4983 2
Invasion of the Body Snatchers -
Warner Brothers
w/ Denny Zeitlen
The Warriors
Street Music
The Twilight Zone CBS

Mel Martin Masterclass CD - Saxophone Journal May/June 1995
Bebop and Beyond Play Along CD
- Jazz Player Dec./Jan. 1994
Woodwinds & Reeds -
Standard School Broadcast Series
w/ Stan Getz, Jean-Pierre Rampal

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