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Special thanks to Augie Bloom, Dean Reilly and Bobby Shew

BirdCharlie Parker interviewed by Paul Desmond RealAudio
Hear Bird and Paul Desmond discuss music, saxophone and the early days when good, clean living and much poverty was the norm. Boston radio, early 1954
Text Version - 14:51

Charlie Parker Blindfold Test RealAudio- Leonard Feather conducts his famous blindfold test with none other than the Bird. 45:00

'TraneJohn Coltrane interviewed by Augie BlumeRealAudio
'Trane discusses spirituality, Monk, philosophy and Sonny Rollins.

45:00 6/15/58 Baltimore, MD

SonnySonny Rollins interviewed by Ralph J. GleasonRealAudio
Sonny talks about his music and what he considers most important...rhythm.

8:25 3/6/63 San Francisco

WayneWayne Shorter interviewed By Mel MartinRealAudio
Wayne and I talk about horns, philosophy, Miles, Lester Young, Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane and composing. "Jazz, to me, is no category."
July, 1996
Text Version

PrezLester "Prez" Young InterviewRealAudio
A legendary interview with Lester Young done shortly before his passing. Unfortunately, he was drinking as the interview progressed. He liked to use...umm... colorful language so this one is 'R' rated.


BudBud Powell InterviewRealAudioRealAudio
A brief interview with bop great Bud Powell where he speaks of recent compositions, Monk and some of his favorite musicians..


HawkColeman Hawkins InterviewRealAudio
A long interview where he talks of his travels and early years, the making of Body and Soul, playing jazz in New York, rock and roll, and the state of jazz. He's got a wonderful speaking voice.


Max Roach Interview with Mel Martin and Dr. Herb WongRealAudio
A fascinating interview with jazz great Max Roach. We discuss the early days in New York when Max's first road gig was with Benny Carter. He was also working with Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. Max explains why bebop became music that the audience had to sit and listen to.


Eli "Lucky" Thompson Interview with Daniel BreckerRealAudio

A rare and important interview with one of the most underappreciated giants of jazz. Lucky speaks humbly and cogently about his times with Monk, Miles, Dizzy and Bird. He also alludes to why he quit playing. Done a few years ago, I believe he is still alive and, hopefully, well in Seattle.


Mel Martin Interview with Randy McElligott as recently broadcast on CHUO-FM in Ottowa, CanadaRealAudio

Mel Martin discusses his early years, many influences, his role in the San Francisco jazz and rock scene, his experiences with jazz masters Benny Carter, Dizzy Gillespie, McCoy Tyner, Joe Henderson and Freddie Hubbard and lots more.


Mel Martin
Tim Armacost

Mel Martin and Tim Armacost Interview w/ Chris Cortez about The Tenor Conclave broadcast on KCSM October 13, 2004 RealAudio

Mel and Tim discuss the new Tenor Conclave band, the tenor tradition, working with Joe Henderson and more. 20:20

Sigurd RascherSigurd Rascher Masterclass

This is a fantastic Masterclass by the great Sigurd Rascher, author of 'Top Tones for the Saxophone". This is a promotional film made for The Buescher Saxophone Company. This is a promotional film made for The Buescher Saxophone Company in the 1950's. Rascher discusses all the techniques in his book, performs with a full orchestra and lays out a solid basis for learning saxophone. Notice his fine use of vibrato even on overtone practice and use of the keyless saxophone. It's in three parts.
Pt.3 " target="_new">Newk meets Newk

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